Australia-Malaysia Institute

Australia-Malaysia Institute Strategic Plan 2009–2012

Mission statement

The mission of the Australia Malaysia Institute (AMI) is to promote Australia's interests in Malaysia by initiating and supporting activities designed to enhance awareness, links and understanding between people and institutions in Australia and Malaysia.

The functions of the Australia – Malaysia Institute are to:

  1. Provide advice to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), on ways to enhance Australia's political, economic, social, cultural and sporting relations with Malaysia in the context of the AMI's activities;
  2. Develop an annual Business Plan of activities aimed at implementing the AMI's objectives. The Business Plan will recommend expenditure on those activities from funds allocated to the AMI;
  3. Administer a grants program under the priority areas of the Business Plan;
  4. Organise visit programs, carry out joint activities with other organisations and leverage with other DFAT Foundations, Councils and Institutes; and
  5. Prepare an Annual Program Report by 31 October each year for submission to the Minister.

Accordingly, this Strategic Plan sets out the AMI's goals and strategic programs. The Strategic Plan will be supplemented by a Business Plan for each financial year detailing activities more precisely and recommending expenditures for those activities from the funds allocated to the AMI.


In order to promote and strengthen the Australia - Malaysia bilateral relationship, the Australia - Malaysia Institute will pursue four goals.

  1. Initiate and support influential persons and groups in Australia and Malaysia, with activities that encourage a greater interest in the development of relations between the two countries, including political and economic relations and broader diplomatic objectives.
  2. Promote cooperation between individuals and institutions in Australia and Malaysia which enhance learning, teaching and research in areas of mutual interest and shared dilemmas.
  3. Broaden awareness and understanding in Australia and Malaysia of each other's culture, values and traditions through increased people-to-people contacts between Australia and Malaysia.
  4. Publicly promote the Australia-Malaysia relationship and establish relations through media and alumni activities in order to facilitate long-term bilateral links.


The following strategies will enable the Australia – Malaysia Institute to meet its goals.


The Advisory Board will meet three times a year, and at least one of these meetings will consider the Business Plan for the following financial year.