Standing offers

A Standing Offer is an agreement that sets out the terms and conditions under which a Supplier agrees to supply goods and/or services for a specified period of time. Standing Offers provide DFAT with rapid access to the expertise of suppliers in a broad range of sectors that are key to carrying out the work of the Department. There is no guarantee of work to Suppliers under these arrangements.

Details of DFAT’s current standing offers are available below.

Potential suppliers interested in tendering for inclusion on a Standing Offer should monitor business opportunities advertised on AusTender.

DFAT has established a range of panels available for procuring goods and/or services for both corporate and aid procurements.

DFAT Corporate Standing Offers

  • Corporate – Supply of Biometrics Goods and Services
  • Corporate – IT Professionals Panel
  • Corporate – Training Delivery and Development
  • Corporate – Provision of Food Catering Services for Official Functions
  • Corporate – Provision of armoured commercial vehicles
  • Corporate – Language Training Services
  • Corporate – Provision of application implementation services
  • Corporate – Information Services Personnel Panel
  • Corporate – Security Services Panel
  • Corporate – Provision of security and personal safety
  • Corporate – Provision of Business Administration Services (Construction and Trades) panel
  • Corporate – Property and Business Advisory Services for the Overseas Property Office
  • Corporate – Provision of Security Hardware
  • Corporate – Security and support services for hostile environments panel
  • Corporate –Provision of technical and related services domestically and overseas

Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer

The Aid Advisory Services Standing Offer (AAS) provides a unified, global solution for the procurement of technical aid expertise. It comprises multiple categories and sub-categories to ensure full coverage of aid advisory services in line with the Australian Government’s aid policy.

Suppliers on the AAS are classified as either a Type A or Type B provider.

  • Type A suppliers are capable of providing services across an entire service category, including all the sub categories included in that category. They provide technical and management services.
  • Type B suppliers are smaller companies and individual Advisers that provide services in one or more sub-categories within a category. Type B suppliers provide technical services only.

For details of the categories and related services covered by the AAS Standing Offer please refer to the scope of services below.

Last Updated: 5 May 2016