FOI disclosure log - Australian aid related requests

(before 1 November 2013)

FOI disclosure log documents

Disclosure log number Date information listed in disclosure log Description of information released under this disclosure log
[and whether released in full or part]
1 22/03/2011

AusAID funding of the Peace Dividend Trust and 2009 review of the effectiveness of the Peace Dividend Trust program in East Timor [PDF 2.2 MB].

AusAID funding of the Peace Dividend Trust - supplementary information provided outside the FOI Act [PDF 2.11 MB]

2 24/03/2011 Details of cases of fraud investigations in the AusAID program [PDF 5.2 MB].
3 27/04/2011

Details of AusAID scholarships:

4 29/06/2011

Details of the Technical Assessment Panel's [TAP] assessment in relation to the SIG RAMSI Support Facility, 9 February 2011.

5 11/07/2011

The final report by Joel Negin of the study of Australia's approach to aid in Africa.

6 15/08/2011

This information was released outside the FOI Act. Some of the attachments are not included either on the basis that the document was not authored by AusAID, [Att 5] or for privacy reasons [2, 3 and 4]. Summaries of Att 3 and 4 are attached to the Design document.

7 15/08/2011

Documentation relating to the meeting of the AusAID-PNG Annual Partnership for Development Dialogue on 19 May 2011.

8 25/08/2011

Documents relating to AusAID's assessment of's application for funding.

9 13/09/2011

This information was released outside the FOI Act.

10 25/10/2011

Authorisations to make decisions under the FOI Act.

11 23/12/2011

Documents relating to the RAMSI accountability program.

Please note that the following document is in draft form only. This document was prepared by independent consultants and is not endorsed by the Australian Government, Solomon Islands Government or the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands:

12 24/02/2012

This material was released outside the FOI Act.

13 1/06/2012

This material was released outside the FOI Act.

14 14/06/2012

This material was released outside the FOI Act.

15 19/06/2012

This material was released outside the FOI Act.

16 18/07/2012

Document showing the criteria for short-listing candidates and evaluations of finally selected candidates, showing their scores against each criterion, for the 2012 intake for the Australian Development Scholarships Awards in Pakistan.

The documents published on this disclosure log are edited versions of the documents originally provided to the applicant, under s 11C[1]a of the FOI Act.

17 12/11/2012

Documents relating to an AusAID-funded research project entitled 'Creative Industries, Development and Timor-Leste: A Case Educational Innovation' with Griffith University (2009–2011) and correspondence relating to the applicant's enquiries about these documents.

Documents 1-10

Documents 11-20

Documents 21-30

Documents 31-41

18 19/11/2012

Documents relating to AusAID's work with the Liaison Office, a non-government organisation based in Afghanistan.

19 21/12/2012

Documents relating to the evaluation of the Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS). This material was released outside the FOI Act.

20 12/02/2013

Briefs prepared for the October 2012 Senate Estimates hearings.

21 19/02/2013

Documents created since 2010 relating to the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program.

Documents 1–10

Documents 11–20

Documents 21–30

Documents 31–40

Documents 41–49

22 7/6/2013

Documents relating to the Board of Directors of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) and the registration of UAWC in Israel. This material was released outside the FOI Act.

23 12/07/2013 Documents in relation to AusAID and Sydney University's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) and in relation to the International Seminar Support Scheme (ISSS) with CPACS, from November 2012 to May 2013.
24 24/07/2013 Documents in relation to the VAT Compliance Advisor, who is placed by AusAID with the Vanuatu Ministry of Finance, in relation to the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT)
25 27/09/2013

Documents in relation to the Luganville (Vanuatu) electicity concession.

Last Updated: 21 October 2013