Legal Services Expenditure


In accordance with paragraph 11.1(ba) of the Legal Services Directions 2005 and Guidance Note 8 of 2014 published by the Office of Legal Services Coordination, the following information provides the legal services expenditure for financial year 2013-2014 for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Note: All figures include GST

* Please note that in accordance with Guidance Note Number 8 of 2014 the total cost of each dedicated legal unit within the Department has been included in the internal legal services expenditure.

Total External Legal Services Expenditure $5,548,679
Total Internal Legal Services Expenditure $13,866,434*
External Legal Services Expenditure (inclusive of GST)
Total number of Counsel briefed in Australia 11
* Male counsel briefed 10
* Female counsel briefed 1
Total number of Counsel direct briefed in Australia Nil
* Male counsel direct briefed Nil
* Female counsel direct briefed Nil
Total value of Counsel briefs in Australia $94,196
* Male counsel briefs $90,904
* Female counsel briefs $3,292
Disbursements (excluding Counsel) $705,332
Professional Fees
Total professional fees paid $4,749,150

Last Updated: 3 September 2013