H V Evatt Library


The library is named after Dr H V Evatt who, as Minister for External Affairs from 1941 to 1949, played a vital part in the early years of the United Nations.


The library holds an extensive collection of resources in the priority areas of foreign relations and trade related matters. Within these broad subject categories the collection will emphasise the following aspects in relation to foreign countries:

  • Political issues
  • Trade and economic issues
  • Description of countries, their history and culture
  • Travel guides to assist with official travel
  • International law
  • Human rights issues
  • Diplomacy


The library has two full time APS staff - the Library Manager and Reference Librarian. These staff are supplemented by qualified part time contract staff.


The Library is open between 9.00am and 4.30pm.  The H V Evatt library is not open to members of the public.

Public access to the Library’s resources is through the Australia wide interlibrary lending scheme. The library’s holdings are listed on the Australia National Bibliographic Database through Trove and can be borrowed by other libraries.  Researchers and post graduate student access may be granted if the H V Evatt Library is the only library in Canberra holding relevant material. A request to visit must be arranged in advanced, preferably via email. A clear rationale for the visit should be included in the request.

Staff from overseas embassies are welcome to visit and borrow items, with prior notice being preferred.

Contact details

  • Location: R.G. Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent, Barton, ACT
  • Postal address: H V Evatt Library, R.G. Casey Building, John McEwen Crescent, Barton, ACT
  • Library Manager: (02) 6261 2737
  • Reference Librarian: (02) 6261 2650
  • Email: dfat.library@dfat.gov.au

Suggested reading

This is a list of book titles that students and others may find interesting. These titles should be available from the National Library of Australia, states, university, public and school libraries. The H.V. Evatt library will only lend through other libraries, so please contact your local library.

  • Advancing the national interest: Australia’s foreign and trade policy white paper. (Canberra : Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2003.) ISBN 0642502293
  • Annual report. (Canberra : Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 1997- )
  • Australia and the United Nations. / edited by David Lee and James Cotton. (Canberra : Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2012.) ISBN 9781743220160
  • Australia in the Asian Century: White Paper. (Canberra : Australia in the Asian Century Task Force, 2012) ISBN 9781921739927
  • Australia in world affairs.  (Melbourne, Cheshire for the Institute of International Affairs, 5 volumes published between 1957-1980)
  • Australian foreign policy in the age of terrorism / edited by Carl Ungerer. (Sydney : UNSW Press, 2008.) ISBN 9780868408156
  • Australia’s overseas representation: punching below our weight? / Inquiry of the Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade. (Canberra : The Committee, 2012) ISBN 9780642798084
  • Cumpston, I.M. History of Australian foreign policy: 1901-1991. (Canberra: I  M Cumpston, 1995) ISBN 0646245686
  • Diplomacy in a globalizing world: theories and practices. /edited by Pauline Kerry and Geoffrey Wiseman. (New York: Oxford University Press, c2013). ISBN 9780199764488
  • Documents on Australian foreign policy series. (Canberra : Department of Foreign Affairs [and Trade], 1975-)
  • Evans, Gareth and Grant, Bruce.  Australia’s foreign relations in the world of the 1990s.  (Carlton, Vic : Melbourne University Press, 1995). ISBN 0522846572
  • Firth, Stewart.  Australia in international politics : an introduction to Australian foreign policy.  (Crows Nest, NSW : Allen and Unwin, 2011) ISBN 9781742372631
  • Flood, Philip.  Dancing with warriors: a diplomatic memoir. (North Melbourne : Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2011), ISBN 9781921875205
  • Goldsworthy, David.  Losing the blanket: Australia and the end of Britain’s empire.  (Carlton South : Melbourne University Press, 2002) ISBN 0522850286
  • Gyngell, Allan and Wesley, Michael.  Making Australian foreign policy.  (Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007) ISBN 9780521700313
  • Henry, Adam Hughes.  Independent nation : the evolution of Australian foreign policy 1901-1946 : Australia, the British Empire and the origins of Australian-Indonesian relations. (Darwin, N.T. :Charles Darwin University Press, 2010.) ISBN 9780980665000
  • Middle power dreaming : Australia in world affairs 2006-2010 /edited by James Cotton and John Ravenhill.  (South Melbourne, Vic. :Oxford University Press in association with the Australian Institute of International Affairs, 2011.) ISBN 9780195567274
  • Middling, meddling, muddling : issues in Australian foreign policy / edited by Richard Leaver and Dave Cox. (St Leonards, NSW : Allen and Unwin, 1997.) ISBN 1864483059
  • Ministers, mandarins and diplomats : Australian foreign policy making, 1941-1969 / by Beaumont, Joan [et al]. (Carlton, Vic,: Melbourne University Publishing, 2003.) ISBN 0333252489
  • Reus-Smith, Christian.  Lost at Sea : Australia in the turbulence of world politics. (Canberra : Department of International Relations, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, 2002.) ISBN 0731531191
  • Seeking Asian engagement : Australia in world affairs, 1991-1995.  Melbourne : Oxford University Press in Association with the Australian Institute of International Affairs, 1997.) ISBN 0195540875
  • Why human security matters: rethinking Australian foreign policy /edited by Denis Altman. (Crows Nest, NSW : Allen and Unwin, 2012.) ISBN 9781743312025
  • Woolcott, Richard. The hot seat : reflections on diplomacy from Stalin’s death to the Bali bombings.  (Pymble, NSW : HarperCollins, 2003.) ISBN 0732271258

The following journals may also be of interest, particularly for those seeking historical information

  • Australian foreign affairs and trade record (1989-1992)
  • Australian foreign affairs record (1973-1988)
  • Australian journal of international affairs (1990- )
  • Australian journal of politics and history (1955- )
  • Australian outlook (1947-1989)
  • Backgrounder (1975-1992)
  • Current notes on international affairs (1936-1972)
  • Foreign affairs and trade record (1997- 2000)
  • Insight (1992-1996)

The following journals (both domestic and international) may also be of interest, particularly for those seeking up to date information

  • Australian Journal of International Affairs
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Policy
  • Hague Journal of Diplomacy
  • Clingendael Discussion papers on diplomacy

Last Updated: 6 March 2013