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Passports, document legalisations (apostille and authentications) and Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage for Victoria are provided through the Melbourne Passport Office at Level 2, Collins Square, 747 Collins Street, Docklands.


  • Australia's Ambassador Designate to Russia will be in Melbourne 30 November - 2 December for pre-posting consultations.
  • Australia's Ambassador Designate to Nigeria will be in Melbourne 30 November for pre-posting consultations.
  • Australia-New Zealand-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Industry are launching the Senate Inquiry Report  into Australia's relationship with Mexico. Further details and ticket information is available here.
  • Australia’s Consul-General to New York will be in Melbourne 7 December for mid-term consultations.
  • Australia's Ambassador to Timor-Leste will be in Melbourne 8-9 December for mid-term consultations.
  • Australia’s Ambassador to Turkey will be in Melbourne on 15 December for mid-term consultations.

Please email for further information about upcoming visits and events.

What’s New 

Consular Corps tour to Mildura

Consular Corps at Mildura Rural City Council

VSO made Mildura the focus for twelve Melbourne-based Consuls General during a two day tour of the regional centre on 17-18 November.  The visit showcased Mildura’s state-of-the art technology such as Mildura Fruit Company’s citrus packaging facility where oranges are photographed 18 times for irregularities and sugar levels are tested by infra-red beams to determine sweetness.  It was also an opportunity for the diplomats to examine the region’s gourmet produce, including a visit to Murray River Salt mine – this naturally pink salt is used by top chefs around the world.  The program included a moving Welcome to Country by a Latje Latje elder on the banks of the beautiful Murray.  Consuls General were impressed by the diversity of the region’s population and found many connections with their own countries.  For example, large pipes from Turkey are being used as part of the state/federal government-funded Sunraysia Irrigation Modernisation Project to improve water efficiency and writers from the United States participate every year in Mildura’s Writers Festival.  Acting State Director Estelle Parker was pleased to host local Members of Parliament Andrew Broad (federal) and Peter Crisp (state) as well as local Councillors at a dinner where celebrity chef Stefano de Pieri impressed the Consular Corps with delicious local produce.

Release of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement text

The negotiated text for the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) was released on 5 November 2015.  See our summary of TPP outcomes for Australia.

Turn the world #UNBlue

Collage of Melbourne landmarks lit blue

Photo credit: DFAT / David Simmonds

Venues across Victoria joined over 350 landmarks across the globe turning UN Blue to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations on 24 October 2015.  Media release: Australia turns #UNBLUE to mark 70 years

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Victoria State Office

Passports and documents for legalisation cannot be lodged at the Victoria State Office.


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Postal address: GPO Box 784, Melbourne Vic 3001

About us

Some may wonder why the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has State Offices. The old distinctions between domestic and foreign and trade policies were never particularly clear, but as a result of the increasingly globalised world we live in, are ever more blurred. It is therefore essential that DFAT maintains strong linkages with the broader community, participating in international relations and trade, at the state and local government level, with business, with academia and with NGOs.

The Victoria State Office helps DFAT in this important task, providing a range of services in support of our Portfolio Ministers and Parliamentary Secretary, assisting the Victorian Government in its overseas endeavours, maintaining contact with the business community and assisting the general public, where needed, with consular services.

Economic Diplomacy

Economic diplomacy is a key priority for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  The Charter on Economic Diplomacy and Australian Business outlines the services the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio provides to business.  The department also maintains a business engagement page with useful information, resources and updates for business.

The Victoria State Office plays a key role in delivering economic diplomacy in Victoria in close consultation with business and the State Government of Victoria. The Victoria State Office can assist arranging speakers and putting your business in touch with relevant contacts in our international network.

Business Victoria is a comprehensive online resource designed to help you start, run and grow your business managed by the State Government of Victoria.


The Victoria State Office provides protocol services to the Consular Corps. These services include processing of arrival and departure notifications, diplomatic visa renewals and issue of identity cards, airport facilitation for foreign dignitaries and representation at Corps’ functions.


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Last Updated: 6 October 2015
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