Protocol Guidelines

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Table of Contents

  1. The Diplomatic And Consular Corps
  2. Heads of Mission
  3. The Consular Corps
  4. Visas And Accreditation
  5. Privileges And Immunities
  6. Exemption From Taxes And Excise Duties
  7. Motor Vehicles
  8. Driving In Australia
  9. Locally Engaged Staff
  10. Private Domestic Workers
  11. Protective Security
  12. Firearms
  13. Diplomatic And Consular Premises
  14. Visits by Senior Foreign Dignitaries: Airport facilitation
  15. The Australian Government
  16. Other Matters


  1. Notification of Arrival of Staff Member of Diplomatic Mission or Consular Post [PDF]
  2. Notification of Arrival of Family Member [PDF]
  3. Notification of Arrival of Private Domestic Staff [RTF]
  4. Notification of Employment of Locally Engaged Staff Member [PDF]
  5. Notification of Commencement of Honorary Consular officer [PDF]
  6. Notification of Departure/completion of Employment [PDF]
  7. Notification of Completion of Employment / Departure of Private Domestic Employee [PDF]
  8. Notification of Completion of Employment of Honorary Consul [PDF]
  9. Notification of Completion of Employment of Locally Engaged Staff Member [PDF]
  10. Information Questionnaire For The Establishment of A Consular Post Which Will Be Headed By An Honorary Consular officer [PDF]
  11. Application For Permission To Have A Firearm [PDF]
  12. Employment of Dependants of Diplomatic And Consular Personnel [PDF]
  13. Biographical Details
  14. Department of Foreign Affairs And Trade State And Territory offices - Contact Details
  15. Protocol Branch - Contact Details
  16. State Government Protocol offices
  17. Websites And Publications
  18. Application for the Purchase of a Motor Vehicle under Privilege [PDF]
  19. Application Form to Accompany Visit Notification Requests for All Foreign Dignitaries [RTF]
  20. Airport Facilitation Application for a Very Senior Foreign Dignitary Seeking Exceptional Exemption [RTF]
  21. Summary of Immunities Covering Foreign Representatives [PDF]
  22. Commonwealth Table of Precedence
  23. Aircraft Diplomatic Clearance Application Form [PDF]
  24. Acknowledgement - Honorary Consul Immunities in Australia [DOC]
  25. Disposal of Motor Vehicle [PDF]
Last Updated: 23 February 2015