Australia-India Council (AIC)

Notes and guidelines for applicants

Guidelines for AIC funding

All applications are assessed against the AIC's guidelines for funding.  Applicants for funding must comply with these guidelines when submitting proposals for consideration.

  1. Individuals or organisations applying for funding should have a substantial record of achievement in the proposed field of activity. 
  2. The activity should be a worthwhile initiative that will contribute to the AIC's objectives of promoting a broader and deeper relationship between Australia and India.  
  3. The activity should have clearly defined objectives consistent with the AIC’s objectives. 
  4. Where possible, support requested from the AIC should constitute seed funding to encourage financial assistance from other sources, including corporate sponsors.  The AIC may decide to award funding conditional on supplementary funds being raised from other sources. 
  5. Preference will be given to activities that offer prospects of future independent activity as a result of initial AIC funding. 
  6. Where an activity for which AIC support is sought is dependent upon the support of other organisations either in Australia or in India, evidence of the willingness of each such organisation to provide support, either financially or in kind, should be provided.  In-kind support may include accommodation and other services provided without charge in either country. 
  7. Where an activity contains an international airfare component, this should be costed as the applicable economy class excursion fare.  The AIC will not reimburse applicants for additional expenses incurred because of late bookings or other problems requiring tickets to be paid for at a higher rate. 
  8. AIC funding is normally awarded for a specific financial year. If funding cannot be taken up within the specified period it may be withdrawn.  Any delay should be reported in good time with, if required, a request for extension to allow the AIC to consider the circumstances and to take any appropriate action.
  9. Provision should be made in the application for publicity for and promotion of the proposed activity

Note for funding applicants

The Council seeks funding applications from individuals or organisations in Australia for projects which are likely to promote long-term contact and cooperation between Australia and India. In considering funding applications, the Council will give priority to projects in the following areas :

The Council will also consider applications for funding support for a limited number of projects and activities in other areas consistent with Council objectives, giving preference to projects which add value to previous Council-supported projects and which include substantial funding support from other potential project partners.

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The Australia-India Council reserves the right to amend the Funding Application Form and the associated Notes for Funding Applicants without notice.  It is the responsibility of applicants to check with the Council's Secretariat on Tel: (02) 6261 3833 that the respective forms are current.

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