• Evaluation of the Australia-Vietnam country strategy 2010–15

    The Australia-Vietnam country strategy 2010-15 has resulted in a robust framework for the Australia-Vietnam aid relationship.

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  • A window of opportunity

    The Australian Government’s investments targeting undernutrition in children generally constitute good practice.

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  • Research for better aid

    Appropriate, effective and efficient investment in research is required for high-quality aid program and policy decision-making.

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  • Working in decentralised service systems

    Australian aid is beginning to respond to the challenges of supporting service delivery in decentralised contexts.

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The Office of Development Effectiveness

The Office of Development Effectiveness (ODE) at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) builds stronger evidence for more effective aid. ODE assesses DFAT’s internal performance management systems, evaluates the performance of the Australian aid program and contributes to evidence and debate about aid effectiveness.

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