Current work

ODE is currently working on the following evaluations.

Climate Change Assistance

The evaluation of climate change assistance will offer specific operational lessons on successfully incorporating climate change into design and implementation by assessing the performance of a number of past and current climate change investments with a focus on effectiveness, sustainability and value for money. The findings of the evaluation will be used by the Sustainability and Climate Change Branch to communicate with program areas about how to consider and incorporate climate change in their initiatives.

Australian Electoral Assistance

The evaluation will investigate the effectiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness of Australian electoral assistance in Asia and the Pacific 2006-2016. The main purpose is to identify practical lessons for DFAT’s future aid program and policy engagement. The evaluation will focus on assistance for electoral management bodies (EMBs) and other organisations to coordinate and deliver elections; voter registration; voter education, outreach and participation; and election observation.

Disability Inclusive Development

This evaluation will review how well the Development for All 2015-2020 strategy is being implemented. A key component of the evaluation will be an assessment of the effectiveness of Australian advocacy for disability inclusion. Another key component will be a review of the extent of disability inclusion in aid investments. Findings of the evaluation will be used to identify what needs to be done to strengthen disability inclusion.

PNG Transport Sector Support Program

The purpose of the evaluation is to distil and disseminate learning to inform the approach taken by PNG Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP) over the remainder of its current phase and into the next. The PNG Transport Sector Support Program (TSSP) is a 15-20 year commitment to improve transport infrastructure in PNG. The second, five year $400 million, phase of the program started in late 2014. It focusses on maintenance of the national road network. The evaluation will also inform thinking within DFAT about how it can best support Pacific Island countries with the challenge of maintaining and improving their road networks.

Eastern Indonesia National Roads Improvement Project

This evaluation aims to document the achievements and lessons learnt from the Eastern Indonesia National Roads Improvement Project (EINRIP), a 10 year, $330m loan financing investment which supported twenty road and bridge construction packages. Lessons identified by the evaluation can inform the approach taken by other infrastructure investments in Indonesia and in the broader aid program. The evaluation will also inform current thinking within DFAT about the potential for the expanded use of loan financing.

Teacher Development

This evaluation will analyse the relationship between Australian assistance for teacher development and the expected outcomes of improved teacher effectiveness and student learning. Its purpose is to understand the quality of Australian aid for teacher development since 2009-10, and identify lessons to improve future assistance in this area.

Last Updated: 20 November 2017