Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) in disability-inclusive development

Case study

Kylie Hinde volunteering with the Centre for Disability in Development in Bangladesh

Kylie worked as an AVID volunteer with the Centre for Disability in Development (CDD) which serves people from all ages, backgrounds and locations with physical and intellectual disabilities. ‘These people are marginalised by the greater society due to a general lack of societies awareness of what disability is and what it means to have a disability. They face poor educational outcomes and children with disabilities especially from rural Bangladesh sometimes never leave the house and have a short life expectancy.’

The CDD focuses on promoting the rights of these persons with a disability in the wider community. They train community rehabilitation workers to deliver treatment, support and therapy, they promote disability awareness and establish self-help projects, and they enable school children to have successful educational opportunities.

One of Kylie’s main accomplishments was helping to create an Early Intervention Sign Manual for children aged two to five years with speech delays. The manual is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. Kylie was also involved in running workshops all around the country on music therapy intervention with children with autism and developmental disabilities. She also worked with the centre’s autism school, Anandashala, to develop a creative therapy group that is now run independently by the teachers and principal. The activities developed in this school have been turned into a manual and accompanying compact disc that will also be produced.

Kylie considers her proudest achievements is delivering a new mode of therapy through music and being a voice for autism in Bangladesh on a national level. She recalls the joy of seeing the overwhelming positive effects of music and creative therapy on the children and the similarly positive response by the teachers at being able to simply modify their way of interacting with the children to get such a positive response.

Kylie’s assignment was completed at the end of April 2012.

How to apply

More information, including applicant eligibility criteria, can be found on the Australian Volunteers website.


Last Updated: 22 October 2014