Overview of the Australian Civilian Corps

About the ACC

The Australian Civilian Corps (ACC) was formed in 2011 to bridge the gap between emergency relief and long term recovery programs, and to enhance the quality of Australia's response to situations of disaster and conflict. Since its establishment, the ACC has undertaken over 180 deployments in over 20 countries, the majority in Asia and the Pacific.

The ACC register comprises around 400 experienced civilian specialists with expertise in fields including: disaster management, elections, engineering and planning, operations support and logistics, social safeguards, health, needs assessment and monitoring, aid coordination, and education.

Consistent with the government's development policy the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, updated the ACC mandate—'to provide Australian specialists, primarily to help our neighbours in the Indo–Pacific region, to prevent, prepare for stabilise and recover from disasters and conflict'. This allows the ACC to help build resilience of countries at risk of or emerging from conflict or disaster.

In 2015–16, DFAT supported the deployment of over 40 specialists.

ACC specialists

ACC specialists deploy as Australian Government officials under the Australian Civilian Corps Act 2011. All specialists are trained and prepared in advance of deployment, and are typically deployed for between three to twelve months.

To increase the level of readiness of the ACC to deploy rapidly, the department established the ACC Standby Cadre—a cohort of register members who have a higher level of preparedness through extensive training. The Standby Cadre consists of approximately 100 members with a range of technical expertise who form the core of the ACC Register deployment capability.

The Standby Cadre may be targeted or offered first choice for deployment opportunities. The Standby Cadre incorporates the ACC Post Disaster Recovery Team (PDRT) who can deploy to provide short term surge support into areas recovering from disasters.

Personnel accepted onto the ACC Register Standby Cadre will remain in their normal employment. When the Government decides to deploy the ACC, appropriately skilled individuals on the register will be offered deployments. Upon accepting a deployment, personnel will be temporarily engaged by the department for the duration of the deployment.

Video: Interview with Mr Richard Warren – Australian Civilian Corps Specialist

Last Updated: 3 May 2017