United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA)

Australia prepositions supplies throughout the Indo-Pacific region to enable rapid response to meet the urgent needs of people following a disaster. For example, since 2016, Australia has committed $3.6 million to UNFPA to preposition sexual and reproductive health, and gender based violence supplies in disaster-prone countries, including Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

These supplies have assisted people affected by:

  • The Marawi conflict in the Philippines in 2017
  • The Makira earthquake in the Solomon Islands in 2016
  • Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji in 2016
  • The Nepal earthquake in 2015

Lifesaving items include tents, clean delivery kits, and equipment necessary for maternity and delivery facilities. Supplies also include basic hygiene items, such as soap and sanitary napkins, and items for protection including torches and whistles. These items help people to maintain a safe and dignified life during a crisis.

In addition, Australia has recently provided $6.5 million to UNFPA to respond to sexual and reproductive health and gender based violence needs of women and girls in Iraq, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

Australia also provides critical sexual and reproductive health assistance through the Sexual and Reproductive Health Program in Crisis and Post Crisis Settings (SPRINT).

Last Updated: 7 August 2017
Woman and child with a bucket of goods labelled with an UNFPA logo
UNFPA has provided over 4,000 women affected by the Marawi conflict in the Philippines with Australian Government-funded hygiene supplies. Credit: UNFPA
Bag of food with the Australian Aid symbol being given to a local woman.
Hygiene supplies were provided to women throughout Nepal following the 2015 earthquake, which caused widespread destruction throughout the country. Credit: UNFPA