Australian NGO Cooperation Program

  • Using small business training to support self-reliance in Indonesia

    SurfAid’s small business training programs are designed to be sustainable and make communities self-reliant.

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  • Helping women in Vanuatu to start their own businesses

    Anglican Overseas Aid supports small-scale livelihoods projects which are initiated, planned and managed by community groups.

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  • Increasing food security and household incomes in Uganda

    International Needs Australia is empowering farmers by improving their knowledge and skills in farming methods and inputs.

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  • Achieving food security for farmers in Zimbabwe

    Act for Peace is working to enable farmers in drought-prone areas in Zimbabwe to adopt techniques to achieve food security.

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For 40 years the Australian Government has provided funding through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) to support the development activities of accredited Australian Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).

How we are helping

2017-18 Budget Estimate:
$129.3 million

Australia supports accredited Australian NGOs to deliver cost effective, practical and direct poverty reduction programs through the ANCP. The ANCP will directly support community-level economic development, facilitating access to markets, improving livelihoods for women, and working to strengthen links between communities, government and the private sector.

Why we give aid

The ANCP recognises the unique strengths that NGOs bring to development activities and both complements and strengthens Australia’s overall aid efforts. NGOs have particular expertise, networks and reach to support the poorest and most vulnerable in communities. There are over 50 NGOs accredited to receive funding under the ANCP.

Where we give aid

Australian NGOs accredited under the ANCP work with more than 5,000 developing country partners to deliver over 600 projects in some 58 countries.

Last Updated: 11 May 2017