Business Partnerships Platform

  • Business Partnerships Platform India Window

    An India window is now open for applications to the Business Partnerships Platform.

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  • Summary of Round 2 Partnerships

    Ten additional Business Partnerships Platform (BPP) partnerships were announced in November 2017.

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  • Improving economic growth through financial inclusion for people in Northern Sri Lanka

    This partnership will implement an inclusive digital payment retail system across 200 villages in Northern Sri Lanka.

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  • Supporting low-skilled workers in Cambodia

    Providing a job listing and referral services to low-skilled workers, including access to job information and links to employment opportunities.

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Engaging the private sector is at the cornerstone of Australia’s modernised aid program, supporting economic growth, incomes and jobs.

The Business Partnership Platform (BPP) is helping to accelerate Australia’s collaboration with business in addressing development challenges in our region.

BPP Round 2 Partnerships announced

A further ten partnerships have been selected under the Business Partnerships Platform (BPP) to help advance Australia’s aid investment priorities through generating social and commercial returns in developing countries. These new initiatives join the nine Round 1 BPP partnerships already underway.

The new partnerships are located in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Vanuatu. Activities service a range of sectors including agribusiness, information technology, financial services, off-grid energy, employment services, disability and women’s economic empowerment.

Over two partnership rounds, the BPP now brings together 40 private sector and civil society organisations across Asia, Africa and the Pacific in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. All partnerships are subject to successful conclusion of contract negotiations.

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Last Updated: 6 July 2017