Business Partnerships Platform

  • Summary of Round 1 partnerships

    The successful partnerships for Round 1 are located in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific and cover a range of business sectors.

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  • Connecting communities to clean energy and the digital economy in PNG

    Providing access to affordable and reliable solar energy solutions to off-grid households and small businesses in PNG.

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  • Mobile banking for the poor in Vietnam

    This partnership is the first mobile banking platform for low income populations in Vietnam

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  • BPP Round 2 shortlist selected

    Stage 1 of the application process for Round 2 of the BPP is now completed.

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Engaging the private sector is at the cornerstone of Australia’s modernised aid program, supporting economic growth, incomes and jobs. The Business Partnership Platform (BPP) is helping to accelerate Australia’s collaboration with business in addressing development challenges in our region.

BPP Round 1 Partnerships announced

Outcomes of Round 1 of the BPP have been announced, with nine partnerships selected to help advance Australia’s aid investment priorities, with a particular focus on promoting gender equality.

The successful partnerships for Round 1 are located in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific, across a range of sectors including agribusiness, financial services, small enterprise development, off grid energy, health and women’s economic empowerment. Learn more about the BPP partnerships.

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Applications for BPP Round 2 Partnerships have now closed

Thank you to applicants who applied for Round 2 of the BPP. Shortlisting is currently taking place. For further information, contact

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What is the Business Partnerships Platform?

More information on Australia’s aid program, including its engagement with the private sector, can be found at:

Last Updated: 7 October 2016