Australia-Indonesia Institute

Grant acquittal requirements

It is a condition of AII grant funding that recipients fully acquit the funds received. Grant moneys should be acquitted within 28 days of the completion of a project through the submission of a completed Acquittal report including a financial statement of expenditure.

As part of the acquittal process, grant recipients need to indicate how the money spent can be linked back to the activities for which funding was originally requested. All unspent funds must be returned to the AII.

Lower risk grants may have their financial statement of expenditure certified by an official from the organisation that received the grant. Higher risk grants should be certified by a qualified accountant. As a general rule, all grants greater than $30,000 should be certified by a qualified auditor. The cost of certification can be included in the grant funding provided.

AII Financial Certification template

Funding recipients are required to keep all receipts and records for five years and to make these available upon request.

The final written report must include:

The AII encourages grant recipients to send any publicity material about their project to promote the activity on the AII website.
An interim report is required where a project extends over more than six months.
The AII may seek a verbal report from grant recipients at Board meetings in addition to the above grant acquittal requirements.
As of July 1, 2012 AII acquittals are to be submitted online. We will only accept non-online acquittal forms from grant recipients of projects funded before the 2012-13 grant round.

Online acquittal form for project grant recipients