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Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE Project

The BRIDGE (Building Relations through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement) Project is the Australia-Indonesia Institute’s flagship project and is supported by the Australian Aid Program. The BRIDGE project has been operating successfully since 2008 and is managed by the AII in conjunction with the Asia Education Foundation. The BRIDGE Project is an innovative education project which funds visits by Indonesian teachers to Australian schools and supports the development of school e-twinning and an online collaborative curriculum strategy between Australian and Indonesian schools.

Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Greg Moriarty, talks about BRIDGE

To date, the project has established 96 Australia-Indonesia school partnerships and directly involved over 380 Australian and Indonesian teachers. A further 1,000 Australian and Indonesian teachers and 90,000 Indonesian and 30,000 Australian students have been indirectly engaged in the project.

Project outcomes include the development of professional and personal relationships between Australian and Indonesian teachers, collaboration between students in Indonesia and Australia using online tools, and the creation of partnership Wikispaces to share student work.

BRIDGE recognises that intercultural understanding is essential to equip young people to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century as responsible local and global citizens. The project aims to support students to develop intercultural understanding and to develop teaching skills and capacities to equip them to undertake this work in schools. BRIDGE is based on the principle that effective use of innovative technologies by teachers and students will build people-to-people links that develop communities of friends and learners across borders.

The program aims to:

The objectives of the Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE Project are to:

  1. create and support school-to-school partnerships;
  2. improve the intercultural knowledge and skills of all participants;
  3. improve the ICT knowledge and skills of all participants;
  4. build professional knowledge and skills, including strategies of effective teaching practice, among participant teaching staff; and
  5. provide particular support to developing Basic Education Program schools in Indonesia.

Marlborough Primary School's reciprocal visit to Indonesia by BRIDGE partnership teachers and school principal

'Our Indonesian Journey' - Kathy McVeigh

Indonesia BRIDGE Principal workshop in Jakarta

Indonesian Bridge Principals come together in Jakarta

More news on the Indonesian BRIDGE program

Professional Learning Program in Australia

Two Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE professional learning programs will take place in 2014 (February/March and May/June). Selected Australian and Indonesian schools will each nominate two teachers to participate in the professional learning program. The Indonesian teachers will visit Australia for three weeks. The program includes:

More information

BRIDGE Australia-Indonesia School Partnerships brochure [PDF 5.90 MB]

Information on the BRIDGE program can be found on the Asia Education Foundation's website.

Focus on Indonesia: 'Bridging the cultural and education divide' [PDF 1 MB]

For further information, visit or email the Project Manager, Australia-Indonesia BRIDGE Project at the Asia Education Foundation on