Australia-Indonesia Institute

Arts and culture strategy

The Australia-Indonesia Institute's (AII) Arts and Culture program plays an important role in strengthening people-to-people links and increased understanding between Australia and Indonesia.

Our arts and culture programs inform Indonesian audiences about modern Australia, and Australian audiences about modern Indonesia.

Over time the AII aims to contribute to more accurate perceptions of each other's countries, and to stimulate interest in learning and experiencing more of our respective diverse and fascinating cultures.

In recent years, much of AII's work in arts and culture has been through support for grants under the Saraswati Arts Program and through the AII's support for Asialink's Residency program with Indonesia.

The AII has a long and successful history in supporting collaborative programs in the arts, and has recently considered how we might better target our support, while at the same time maintaining the flexibility to consider creative and innovative proposals.

The following principles will guide the AII's consideration of support for arts and culture activities in 2011-12.

  1. The AII will fund a pilot program for an Indonesian artist's residency in Australia. This pilot program recognises that while there are opportunities for Australian artists to undertake residencies in Indonesia, there are fewer opportunities to support Indonesian artists in Australia. The AII will invite applications for the pilot residency in early 2012.
  2. The AII will explore funding a small pilot program to support a community arts and cultural development program between Australian and Indonesian artists in Indonesia. This pilot program will leverage Australia's strong tradition and experience in community arts and cultural development, including innovative work in remote communities.
  3. The AII will encourage stronger collaboration and partnerships between Australian and Indonesian arts organisations, including in arts management and curatorship, including by supporting grants in these areas.
  4. The AII will engage with major Australian arts festivals to assist in identifying potential Indonesian performing arts including through planning for an AII organised visit to Indonesia for Australian artistic directors/festival directors to raise awareness about Indonesian performing arts in 2012-13.
  5. As a longer term project, the AII is interested in exploring an AII fellowship for an Indonesian with an Australian arts institution, which would include possible research and teaching opportunities.
  6. The AII will continue to fund grant applications under the Saraswati Arts Program and to support residencies in Australia for Indonesian artists (see below).
  7. The AII would welcome your views on how we can make our arts and culture program better. Please send comments to the AII e-mail address (