Annual Report 2008-2009

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1.Director General's Report2. Current Topics3. Overview4. Performance5. Management6. Appendixes and Glossaries

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This online Annual Report 2008–2009 is designed to be fast and easy to use. Limited graphics have been used in the page layouts with extensive use of 'style sheets' providing the 'look and feel' of the report. This approach minimises download times for each page giving the user more reading and viewing time with less waiting.

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The tools for navigating around the report have been kept simple. The report is divided into five sections. Each section has individual navigation tools to enable the user to browse through the section, including descriptive back and previous buttons at the bottom of each page. A dedicated report search function is also included on each page. The table of contents provides a complete sitemap of the report.

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Throughout the report photographs and captions are included. Each of the pictures has a larger version for viewing, click on the actual picture or the " Enlarge image" link below each picture to view the larger version of the photograph. From each picture page you can return to the associated section of the report using the back button on your browser, or by using a link provided below the caption on each page. A dedicated photo gallery is also available for viewing the photographs.


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The presentation of this report has been designed to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, developed by the W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) to enable equal access to all users of the Internet.

*The exact display may differ from browser to browser but all information is retained.

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Portable Document Format versions of the report are available on the download page.

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