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Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Financial Management

The Audit Act 2001 requires ASNO to submit an annual Financial Statement to the Auditor-General. As ASNO is funded as a division of DFAT, this financial statement is published in the DFAT Annual Report. Further details of ASNO activities relating to financial management and performance are also contained in the DFAT Annual Report.

Administrative Budget

Table 15: ASNO Administrative Costs[26][27][28]

    2009–10 2010–11
Salaries27   $1 996 176 $2 229 456
Running Costs General $400 085 $502 885
  Seismic monitoring28 $587 108 $590 337
  Nuclear & radiological security
enhancement for Asia and the Pacific
$259 901 $259 901
  Sub-Total $1 247 094 $1 353 123
TOTAL   $3 243 270 $3 582 579

Uranium Producers Charge

ASNO is responsible for the implementation of the Uranium Producers Charge. This charge is payable to Consolidated Revenue on each kilogram of UOC production (set in 2010 to 9.4893 cents per kilogram). The total charge levied on 1 December 2010 for uranium production in 2009–10 was $574 761.

Australian Safeguards Support Program

The cost of the Australian Safeguards Support Program (ASSP) totalled approximately $170 000 in 2010–11. This amount included approximately $70 000 of direct expenditure by ASNO relating to services provided to the IAEA, including participation in the Standing Advisory Group on Safeguards Implementation (total includes travel costs and salaries). Expenditure on ASSP projects by ANSTO amounted to approximately
$20 000. UWA has invested considerable capital expenditure for the Network of Analytical Laboratories qualification process, including the refurbishment of a sample preparation and storage room dedicated to IAEA Network of Analytical Laboratories purposes, instrument time and staff costs totalling $44 153. Other Australian government agencies contributed services in support of the IAEA through the ASSP valued at approximately $38 000.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Under coverage of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ASNO has continued its Environmental Management System (EMS). Negative impacts on implementing the environment are being reduced further with improvements in methods of waste recycling and the re-use of materials. ASNO also provides specialist advice on the licensing, storage and disposal requirements for radioactive sources. In May 2009, DFAT was audited by an accredited certifying body, NCS International (NCSI), against the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004. Following this, DFAT received certification to the International Standard in June 2009 for a further three year period. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including ASNO remains focused on its Environmental Management System (EMS).


Photo - See caption below for description
An ASNO inspection of port facilities used for the export of Australian uranium ore concentrate.

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