Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia


  Annual Report 1998-99



ASNO’s activities in 199899 are described and evaluated in the following sections.

Activities are described in relation to particular tasks, and grouped according to the output to which they relate (see summary of outcomes and outputs).


Provision of high quality, timely and relevant professional advice to Government.

Milestone G1

Ministers and other key stakeholders satisfied with policy advice, analysis and briefings.


ASNO provided advice to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and on occasions the Minister for Trade, on a range of issues, as well as contributing extensively to the development of advice provided by other Government agencies and departments. The prime agency was DFAT; other agencies included the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, the Department of Defence and the Office of National Assessments.

Significant issues affecting international safeguards, the CWC, the BWC and the CTBT were kept under review, and close liaison was maintained with DFAT on these and other matters of common interest.

Performance Assessment

ASNO submitted 21 Ministerial briefs, Parliamentary Question briefs and other briefs, and contributed to all other DFAT items on nuclear, CWC and BWC related issues. ASNO made a significant contribution to assessments by the Australian Intelligence community. Ministers, Departments and Agencies have indicated appreciation of the high quality, timely and relevant advice provided by ASNO.


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