Pacific Sport Development Grants Program

Application Form and Guidelines 2013-14

What is the Australian Sports Outreach Program?

The Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP) is an Australian Government program that uses sport/physical activity programs to address broader development priorities and community issues such as promoting social inclusion and cohesion, fostering healthy behaviours, and providing education and/or leadership opportunities for young men and women. The ASOP is funded by the Australian Government and managed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) with assistance from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

What are the ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grants?

The ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grants provide funding assistance to Pacific (predominantly Commonwealth) countries of up to AUD $10,000 for targeted small-medium size community projects which provide benefits to the community, such as those listed above, through increased community participation in sport or physical activity. 

Who may apply for an ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grant?

Government, non-government and community based organisations in eligible Pacific countries may apply for an ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grant. A list of eligible countries can be found on the main ASOP page. Applications are welcomed for individual projects of up to AUD $10,000. Grants will be considered for cooperatively funded projects (where a project also receives funding from other sources). If there are other sources of funding, these should be listed in the application. Funding of multi-year projects will not be considered.

If a 2012-13 ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grant recipient wishes to apply for a Pacific Sport Development Grant in 2013-14 and current project activities are still underway, an interim report on the project (using the project reporting template) is required with their 2013-14 grant application. A final project report after project completion is still mandatory.

How to apply for an ASOP Pacific Sport Development Grant:

Complete all sections of this application form and submit it to the Australian High Commission/Embassy for your country. Submit with your application relevant additional information, such as quotes for equipment, project approval from relevant schools, construction plans and additional budget detail.

Alternatively applications may also be submitted online via the Australian Sports Commission Pacific Sport Development Grants website

Applications must be received by the Australian High Commission/Embassy for your country or submitted online by Friday 28 June 2013.

Applications received after this date cannot be accepted.

Assessment of applications

Grant applications will be reviewed and assessed based on fulfilment of the selection criteria. Applications will be considered by a steering committee consisting of ASC and DFAT personnel.

Feedback on applications will be available upon request for successful and unsuccessful applications. Due to the volume of applications received, detailed feedback may not be possible in all cases.

How will applicants know if they are successful?

All applications received will be acknowledged and applicants will be advised on the outcome of their applications in October 2013.

Project implementation

Successful applicants must agree to and sign a contract with the Australian High Commission/Embassy that binds them to a specific project description, objectives and activities. Any changes to the project during implementation must be discussed and agreed to by the Australian High Commission/Embassy contact person before any changes to the project occur.

What projects will be funded?

The Australian Government will fund projects up to one year in duration and applications that provide clear indications of good planning, project structure and potential longer-term sport and/or community development benefits.  Preference will be given to projects which:

Please note: for project applications which involve schools, written approval from the schools concerned must be submitted with grant application. For project applications which include the purchase of equipment quotes must be submitted with the grant application.

Sporting facilities construction or refurbishment projects will only be undertaken where stringent project plans with milestones/dates, construction plans, quotes and funds handling procedures have been submitted with grant application.

What will not be funded?

The following will not be considered for funding: