Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)

CAAR Strategic Plan 2013-15


CAAR will develop programs to increase mutual understanding and build bridges in Australia and the Arab world.

Proactively allocating grant funding to address opportunities within priority sectors and countries

CAAR will develop a targeted grants program to fund projects that meet the needs identified through research for promoting relations between Australia and Arab countries and people.

For this approach to generate maximum impact, CAAR’s reputation in this area must be promoted.

Supporting activities that meet CAAR’s strategic objectives

CAAR will provide in-kind support to organisations undertaking activities that align with CAAR’s objectives.

In particular, CAAR will support Australian-Arab business chambers and associations.

Leadership Dialogue

A Strategic Leadership Dialogue can develop long term connections between future Australian and Arab business, political and community leaders. The Leadership Dialogue will be:

Student Alumni Groups

Student Alumni groups can strengthen Australian cultural familiarity and trade preference, and promote Australian tertiary institutions to Arab countries: