Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR)

CAAR Strategic Plan 2013-15


There are significant opportunities for CAAR to stimulate flagship programs in health and education, and trade links in food-security, resources and energy, and infrastructure.

CAAR will identify opportunities for connections between government, business and community leaders in Australia and Arab countries.

Develop flagship programs

The following example demonstrates how linked sector programs could involve people and organisations with a track record:

Flagship Health Sector partnership between an Australian and Saudi hospital

This health sector partnership addresses Saudi need and offers a high profile vehicle to promote Australian-Saudi relations. This will link to educational sector involvement in health programs and further stimulate trade links.
CAAR will facilitate a flagship program between a leading Australian hospital and a leading Saudi hospital to improve the health of Saudi Arabians:

Tertiary Education program involving Australian Universities and Saudi Alumni

CAAR will encourage and assist the education sector to support the flagship health sector program and to enhance trade opportunities:

Foster knowledge sharing

CAAR could invite grant submissions from Australian and Saudi tertiary institutions for programs that involve collaboration on shared areas of interest, such as food-security or water management to develop solutions to shared problems.

Support a trade agenda

Stimulate Embryonic Trade Opportunities

CAAR could leverage relationships with industry and government to stimulate trade opportunities and grow Australian engagement.

To the extent that resources allow, CAAR will support opportunities to expand trade links in the sectors of food-security and resources and energy in conjunction with the Australian Arab private sector as well as with Australian-Arab trade and industry groups (eg. AACCI, AGC etc…).

To the extent that resources allow, CAAR should encourage opportunities to expand infrastructure trade links in conjunction with Australian-Arab trade and industry groups (eg. AACCI, AGC etc…).

Leverage Australian-Arab industry groups

CAAR should work with Australian-Arab industry groups to foster effective trade opportunities by:

Stimulating trade opportunities across Arab nations

CAAR should assist Australian businesses and Saudi industry to migrate successful Australian business practices from other Arab nations into Saudi Arabia (and across to other Arab nations where opportunity exists)

Investigating and analysing opportunities for targetted programs

Research is an important input to develop a targeted program to improve cultural relations.
CAAR will establish a panel of researchers to investigate five areas of perception between Australia and the Arab world:

The research should also assess the types of cultural activities and contact between groups that increase mutual understanding and knowledge between cultures.

A significant amount of research has been conducted to date that should be leveraged to address these areas.