Justin - Staff profile - Information Technology Officer

Year joined


Current position

Director, ICT Planning and Development Branch, Canberra, ACT.

What qualifications do you have?

Masters of Management (Australian National University), Graduate Certificate in Management (specialising in Project Management), Advanced Diploma in Project Management.

What were you doing before you joined DFAT?

Prior to joining DFAT, I was employed by the Royal Australian Navy and spent time in the private industry in senior Program and Project Manager roles. I managed numerous large ICT Programs and Projects with values in excess of 70 million dollars, delivering projects and ICT services to over 100,000 clients.

Why did you apply to DFAT?

I wanted to join an organisation that would offer me a wide range of opportunities to further develop my career. DFAT operates in a large and complex geographically dispersed ICT environment, which I thought would provide me with an opportunity to provide innovative ICT solutions in a global context.

I also value the work DFAT does both in Australia and overseas and was keen to join a department with such a strong reputation of providing assistance to Australians and furthering Australia’s interests overseas.

Working in DFAT I have been dealing with a number of unique challenges that have given me the chance to work in an interesting and diverse environment.

How have you used your management experience and qualifications during your time at DFAT?

My management experience and education have proven to be highly valuable at DFAT. I have been able to influence the IT strategic direction of DFAT, shape the IT workforce and implement system and process changes that have influenced the way DFAT operates. I am able to use the negotiation skills I developed during my Masters degree and draw upon my knowledge of both the private and public sectors when negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with ICT vendors. This together with my status as a Certified Practicing Project Director with the Australian Institute of Project Management ensure that I am kept abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry, allowing me to contribute to a dynamic and innovative environment.

The high pressure environment of supporting the critical work of Australia’s Embassies and High Commissions is highly rewarding and allows me to utilise a wide range of skills and knowledge that I have obtained and developed throughout my education and career.

What opportunities has DFAT provided you with since you commenced your position?

DFAT has provided me with the opportunity to work with people who have had broad and interesting careers. I work with people from many cultures as well as with staff who have spent many years in our embassies and high commissions around the world.

I have also had the opportunity to learn a lot about Australia’s foreign policy. I find this very interesting, as it an area that I would never normally have such visibility of.

I have had the chance to travel to several overseas High Commissions and Embassies since commencing my position; I find this to be an invaluable opportunity to work with DFAT staff and better understand how ICT can better support DFAT’s business. I have also established various international contacts and enjoy the fact that my work takes me to places that many other ICT professionals may not be able to experience.

As a management and IT professional, why would you recommend DFAT as a career?

If you are seeking a challenging yet interesting career in a truly international organisation, I would highly recommend a career in DFAT. I have always felt that my skills have been valued and my knowledge and experience are seen as an asset to the organisation.

The opportunity to work in a flexible and dynamic environment that reflects and reacts to changes taking place in the real world, in real time, differentiates DFAT from other organisations.

Last Updated: 22 February 2013