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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Annual Report 2000-2001
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Section 4 - Financial Statements

This section contains images of the Financial Statements. Paper copies are available through Ausinfo bookshops, by visiting www.ausaid.gov.au/publications or by contacting the Market Information and Analysis Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on (02) 6261 3114.

20002001 Annual Financial Statements

Notes to and forming part of the Financial Statements

  1. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
  2. Events Occurring After Balance Date
  3. Operating Revenues
  4. Operating Expenses
  5. Borrowing Cost Expenses
  6. Business Operations
  7. Financial Assets
  8. Non-Financial Assets
  9. Interest Bearing Liabilities
  10. Provisions
  11. Payables
  12. Equity
  13. Cash Flow Reconciliation
  14. Remote Contingencies
  15. Executive Remuneration
  16. Remuneration of Auditors
  17. Average Staffing Levels
  18. Act of Grace Payments, Waivers and Defective Administration Scheme
  19. Financial Instruments
  20. Administered Revenue
  21. Administered Expenses
  22. Administered Financial Assets
  23. Administered Non-Financial Assets
  24. Administered Liabilities
  25. Administered Equity
  26. Administered Cash Flow Reconciliation
  27. Administered Remote Contingencies
  28. Administered Financial Instruments
  29. Appropriations
  30. Special Public Money
  31. Reporting of Outcomes


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