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Reporting against effectiveness indicators

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Through effective management of construction projects and its outsourcing contract for the provision of property services, the department ensured that Government representatives overseas were provided with appropriate accommodation.

In managing construction and other projects in the overseas owned and leased estate, our Overseas Property Office (OPO) made extensive use in 2003–04 of contracted services. Providers of these services were selected in accordance with our competitive tendering and contracting procedures. Services provided under contract included project management, property disposal, audit and legal.

Construction services were also provided on a sub-contracted basis. In the owned-overseas estate, the department's contract with United Process Solutions (UPS) makes provision for project services to be supplied, where required, by the asset management company Multiplex Asset Management (MAM).

UPS provided a range of outsourced services to the overseas-owned estate under its contract with us.

Construction projects

The department managed the planning and implementation of a significant construction program in the overseas estate throughout 2003–04.

Construction began on two major new chanceries, in Colombo and New Delhi, following hearings on these projects by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works and approval by Parliament. Parliament also approved refurbishment of staff apartments at the embassy complex in Paris.

Other significant owned estate projects included completion of new staff housing in Honiara (see box below) and preparation for the construction of new consulate offices in Bali.

The department's leased estate projects included the fitting out of our new chancery in Abuja. This was completed in time for the Prime Minister's attendance at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Nigeria in December 2003.

Staff housing for the Australian High Commission in Honiara

A project to improve substantially the quality and security of housing for staff of our High Commission in Honiara was completed in June 2004. The project, managed by OPO, involved the construction of two new houses and the substantial renovation and refurbishment of four others. The six properties, all part of the Government's overseas owned estate, now provide accommodation for staff from the department and AusAID.

Australian, New Zealand and local firms participated in the project. The Brisbane-based Kramer Group provided project management. Fletcher Kwaimani Joint Venture carried out construction of the two new houses. A local Solomon Islands firm, Tatalani Builders, undertook the four renovations. There was substantial involvement by local sub-contractors.

The combination of uncertain security in the early stages, a shortage of materials associated with increased building activity after the arrival of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands in mid-2003, and a tropical climate combined to make this project a complex one to manage. The outcome—the provision of six high-quality purpose-built residences—significantly improved the accommodation of High Commission staff in Solomon Islands.

Leased estate projects begun or completed in 2003–04 included the relocation of a number of our chanceries and the fitting out of chanceries for our newly opened posts in Accra, Kuwait and Port of Spain.

For more information, see output 4.2 Quality and Quantity information.

Contract with United Process Solutions (UPS)

The department has an outsourcing contract with UPS for the provision of property services in the overseas owned estate. We maintained our regular dialogue with UPS throughout the year to ensure that services were effectively delivered under the contract.

Under the contract, UPS provides facilities management in the owned overseas estate, including servicing of plant and equipment and preventive maintenance programs in posts. In some larger posts UPS provides on-site facilities managers to oversee locally employed UPS staff. Posts report faults or problems to the company's 24-hour call service in Australia.

Posts' satisfaction with services provided by UPS was surveyed through the year to measure the contract's effectiveness. For results, see output 4.1 Quality and Quantity information, and output 4.2 Quality and Quantity information.

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