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OUTPUT 1.3: Services to other agencies in Australia and overseas (including Parliament, state representatives, business and other organisations)

Output 1.3 Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicators

Services to clients

Our annual Post Evaluation Report (PER) process is the principal means for the department to obtain feedback on our work from other agencies. In 2005–06 the PER process again showed a high level of satisfaction with the department's input to achieving whole of government objectives (see Section 3: Corporate Management and Accountability, for more information).

Many federal and state parliamentarians commended the department for the briefings, programs and logistics support we provided for their overseas visits. In recognition of our strong support for official parliamentary delegations, both in Australia and overseas, the Presiding Officers hosted a reception for the Secretary, senior departmental staff and parliamentary liaison staff at Parliament House in May 2006. Our efforts were also acknowledged in delegation reports, tabled in Parliament, and letters of thanks from individual parliamentarians.

Services to other agencies

Under the Service Level Agreement (SLA) signed on 1 September 2004, the department provided management services to 26 Australian government agencies overseas (see Appendix 8 for more information). Under separate arrangements the department provided payroll services to 13 agencies overseas. Feedback from relevant clients has been very positive.

Quantity information for output 1.3
Indicator 2005–06 2004–05
Scope and composition of administrative services provided to other agencies overseas1 26 26
Number of official programs organised for members of the Commonwealth Parliament (excluding the Prime Minister or ministers) and parliamentary delegations2 117 89
Number of services provided to parliamentary committees3 68 38
Number of overseas visits by representatives of state or territory governments, and by state and territory parliamentarians, supported by the department4 645 597
Number of Australian companies supported by the department with advice on market conditions, access to government and private sector contacts, and through representations directly connected with their particular interests5 7108 8453
  1. This is the number of agencies serviced under the Service Level Agreement. The services provided under the Service Level Agreement are grouped together in six categories: personnel services (Australia-based staff), personnel services (locally engaged staff), office services, property services, financial services and communications.
  2. This figure is based on work undertaken by each post; that is, it reflects the number of programs organised on a country-by-country basis, rather than the number of Members of Parliament and Senators assisted by the department in Canberra.
  3. This figure reflects the number of committee hearings before which the department appeared.
  4. This figure is based on work undertaken by each post; that is, it reflects the number of programs organised on a country-by-country basis.
  5. This information was collected by all areas of the department, including overseas posts, and collated centrally. It reflects the number of companies supported on a country-by-country basis.

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