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OUTPUT 1.4: Services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia

Output 1.4 Quality and quantity information

Quality indicators

Quantity indicators

Provision of services

The diplomatic and consular corps continued to give positive feedback on the efficiency and professionalism of protocol services provided by the department. A number of individual missions expressed satisfaction with the department's response to concerns relating to diplomatic protection and immunities, in particular our prompt and effective response to security incidents. The department encouraged diplomatic missions and consular posts to maintain an active dialogue on protocol issues, and the frequency and openness of such contact reflected the corps' close engagement with and confidence in the department.

Newly arrived heads of mission commended the department's arrangements for their arrival and presentation of credentials. They particularly appreciated our comprehensive briefings and DVD on the credentials ceremony. The prompt issue of identity cards and organisation of introductory calls helped to create positive first impressions of the department, paving the way for good working relations between the Government and the diplomatic corps.

The 2006 familiarisation visit to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula attracted favourable comment from the Dean of the Corps and individual heads of mission. Periodic briefings organised for the corps were well attended and received.

Members of the diplomatic and consular corps appreciated the department's assistance with tax concession-related issues. The department worked closely with several missions on their tax packages and assisted missions with their applications for enhanced privileges. The corps welcomed the department's facilitation of visa matters and the improved system for purchase and disposal of motor vehicles under privilege.

Quantity information for output 1.4
Indicator 2005–06 2004–05
Number of diplomatic representatives for whom the department provides services 917 835
Number of consular representatives for whom the department provides services1 854 832
Number and category of services provided:
visas issued to corps members 2095 2 139
visas issued to corps domestic employees 113 93
arrivals and departures processed 1567 1 391
identity cards issued 1153 1 249
presentations of credentials 38 28
exequaturs issued 22 20
facilitation of purchase, registration and disposal of cars by privileged personnel 1573 1 451
requests processed for dependants seeking permission to work 91 86
requests processed for foreign awards to Australian citizens 65 80
approvals for new foreign missions in Australia (includes diplomatic missions, consular posts and offices of international organisations) 9 13
approvals for defence advisers/attaches 11 13
  1. If representatives' dependants are added to this figure and the figure above, the total number of people to whom we provided services in 2005–06 was 4474.

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