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OUTPUT 2.1: Consular and passport services

Administered item for Outcome 2

Travellers emergency loans

Quality indicator

Quantity indicator

In 2006–07, the department granted travellers emergency loans (TELs) to 301 Australians to the value of $307 548, compared to TELs issued in 2005–06 to 393 Australians to the value of $310 576.

In accordance with the guidelines laid down in the Consular Instructions, the department issued TELs on a case-by-case basis. The TELs issued included loans made under the Prisoner Loans Scheme to 47 Australians imprisoned overseas. These loans provided Australian prisoners in approved countries the means to access adequate food and other essentials not provided by prison authorities.

The department administered the TELs program strictly, rigorously assessing client needs and their ability to access alternative financial sources—including from family members in Australia.

In 2006–07, the department recovered $156 549 from Australians who had been issued TELs, compared to $91 261 recovered in 2005–06. As the department issued TELs according to travellers needs and not their capacity to repay, this continued higher pattern of recovery reflected the success of the department’s debt management and recovery efforts. These efforts included rapid follow-up contact with debtors, linking debtors’ eligibility for new passports to repayments of outstanding debts, and allowing debtors to repay TELs in excess of $500 by instalment.

Quantity information

Indicator 2006–076 2005–06
Number of Australian travellers assisted by emergency loans 301 393
Success of debt recovery activities $156 549 $91 261

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