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1. Overviews2. Performance3. Corporate4. Appendixes5. Financials6. Glossaries and Compliance Index

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Table of Contents

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The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Smith (right) and the Minister for Trade, Mr Crean (left) at the 19th Australia–Papua New Guinea Ministerial Forum in Brisbane on 10 June 2009.
Photo: Kirkland Photography.
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The Australian passport is both a travel document and a historical record of political and social
change and the evolution of our national identity. This was reflected in the department’s publication
and exhibition, Every Assistance and Protection: A History of the Australian Passport, launched in
November 2008 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs (see page 181 for further information).
Photo: Norman Plant
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SECTION 1: Overviews

Secretary's review
Departmental overview

SECTION 2: Performance reporting

OUTCOME 1: Australia's national interests protected and advanced through contributions to international security, national economic and trade performance and global cooperation.

Output 1.1:
Protection and advocacy of Australia's international interests through the provision of policy advice to ministers and overseas diplomatic activity
North Asia
South-East Asia
South and West Asia, Middle East and Africa
Bilateral, regional and multilateral trade negotiations
Trade development and policy coordination
International organisations, legal and environment
Security, nuclear, disarmament and non-proliferation

Output 1.2:
Secure government communications and security of overseas missions

Output 1.3:
Services to other agencies in Australia and overseas (including Parliament, state representatives, business and other organisations)

Output 1.4:
Services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia

OUTCOME 2: Australians informed about and provided access to consular and passport services in Australia and overseas.

Output 2.1:
Consular and passport services
Consular services
Passport services

OUTCOME 3: Public understanding in Australia and overseas of Australia's foreign and trade policy and a positive image of Australia internationally.

Output 3.1:
Public information services and public diplomacy
Public information and media services on Australia's foreign and trade policy
Projecting a positive image of Australia internationally
Freedom of information and archival research and clearance

OUTCOME 4: Efficient management of the Commonwealth overseas owned estate

Output 4.1:
Property management
Output 4.2: Contract management

SECTION 3: Corporate Management and Accountability

Corporate governance
External scrutiny
Management of human resources
Management of financial resources

SECTION 4: Appendixes

1. Ministerial responsibilities
2. Staffing overview
3. Agency resource statement and outcome resource summaries
4. Occupational health and safety
5. Freedom of information
6. Inquiries by parliamentary committees
7. Matters before courts and administrative tribunals
8. Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance
9. Purchaser-provider arrangements
10. Advertising and market research
11. Grants and contributions
12. Consultancy services
13. List of sponsors
14. Summary of the overseas network

SECTION 5: Financial Statements

Independent auditor's report
Statement by the Secretary and Chief Finance Officer
Income statement
Balance sheet
Statement of changes in equity
Statement of cash flows
Schedules of commitments, contingencies and administered items
Notes to and forming part of the financial statements

SECTION 6: Glossaries and Compliance Index

Glossary of terms
Glossary of acronyms and abbreviations
Compliance index

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