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Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Outcome 1

The advancement of Australia’s international strategic, security and economic interests including through bilateral, regional and multilateral engagement on Australian Government foreign and trade policy priorities

Program 1.1: Foreign Affairs and Trade operations
Program management (advocacy and protection of Australia’s interests)
1.1.1 North Asia
1.1.2 South-East Asia
1.1.3 Americas
1.1.4 Europe
1.1.5 South and West Asia, Middle East and Africa
1.1.6 Pacific
1.1.7 Bilateral, regional and multilateral trade negotiations
1.1.8 Trade development and policy coordination
1.1.9 International organisations, legal and environment
1.1.10 Security, nuclear, disarmament and non-proliferation
Program management (services to other agencies)
1.1.11 Services to other agencies in Australia and overseas (including
Parliament, state representatives, business and other organisations)
Program management (services to diplomatic and consular representatives)
1.1.12 Services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia
Program management (public information services and public diplomacy)
1.1.13 Public information services and public diplomacy

Program 1.2:
Payments to international organisations
Administered items:
Payments to international organisations

Program 1.3:
Public information services and public diplomacy
Administered items:
Shanghai World Expo (Special Account)
Australia Network
International relations grants

Program 1.4:
Other administered
Administered items:
Payments to CAC Act bodies—EFIC

Outcome performance information

Outcome 1 strategy

This outcome reflects the department’s primary responsibility for developing and implementing international policies on matters of security, trade and global cooperation that advance Australia’s national interests. The majority of the department’s financial and human resources are directed to the achievement of Outcome 1.

As highlighted in the strategic direction contained in the departmental overview in the 2009–10 Budget Statement, the department will advance a number of key strategies in support of the Government’s national security agenda. These strategies are aimed at: promoting a more stable regional and global security environment; contributing to national prosperity by strengthening Australia’s international trade competitiveness and export performance, and improving access to overseas markets for Australian exports through multilateral, regional and bilateral means; strengthening global cooperation in such areas as the environment, human rights and good governance; working multilaterally to address global challenges and to advance Australia’s interests, including our bid for United Nations Security Council candidacy for the 2013–14 term; and enhancing international awareness and understanding of Australia’s policies and society to the benefit of our foreign and trade policy goals.

As the lead agency managing Australia’s external affairs, the department has a central role in the development and implementation of whole-of-government international policy. It provides leadership at Australian diplomatic missions overseas. It also manages and maintains Australia’s diplomatic network, including the provision of services to other agencies represented overseas, and services to diplomatic and consular representatives in Australia.

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