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Audit Report No.14 1997-98: Financial Control and Administration Audit: Official Travel by Public Sector Employees

This multi-agency audit examined the effectiveness of systems for managing direct and indirect travel expenses within agencies. A number of recommendations made in the report provided useful input into various streamlining efforts underway in DFAT at the time and set a useful benchmark for the Department’s approach to renewing its travel contract. Not all recommendations, however, were accepted in full as they would not suit the Department’s operational circumstances as an overseas operating agency.

Audit Report No.22 1997-98: Finance Control and Administration Audit: Audits of Financial Statements of Commonwealth Entities for 1996-97: Summary of Results and Outcomes

The ANAO provided an unqualified report on the audit of the Department’s financial statements for the year ended 30 June 1997. All audit findings were considered to be minor in nature and not included in the ANAO’s report to Parliament. Appropriate remedial action has been taken.

Audit Report No.27 1997-98: Managing the Year 2000 Problem: Risk Assessment and Management in Commonwealth Agencies

This multi-agency audit assessed the adequacy of agencies’ planning in relation to achieving year 2000 compliance. The Department was not one of those agencies included in the audit but the report provided a useful benchmark to ensure that the Department’s planning on year 2000 issues was on track.

Audit Report No.40 1997-98: Performance Audit: The Australian Diplomatic Communications Network (ADCNET)--Project Management

The report concluded that ADCNET met a key need by providing a more functional and reliable diplomatic communications facility for the Government. The report found that ADCNET was used extensively and was a key business application in DFAT and several other government agencies. Feedback obtained by the ANAO indicated high user acceptance of ADCNET following installation and implementation. Further, ADCNET was found to have markedly improved work practices and resulted in reduced staff costs in the Department and at overseas posts. However, the ANAO considered that project management could have been strengthened, concluding that management of the project fell short of best practice in some areas, and that a more strategic approach to risk management would have been more commensurate with the levels of assurance required in a project of this size.

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