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Annual Report - Contents
DFAT Annual Report 1998-99

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Letter of Transmission

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Table of contents

Alphabetical index

Compliance index


Introduction to the report

Contact officer

Portfolio Overview

Outline of significant issues or developments

Diagram of program structure

Summary of operating environment

Corporate Overview

Structure and senior management

Significant staff and management issues

Social Justice and Equity

Department-wide initiatives

Migrant and refugee women

Equity outcomes of programs

Disaggregated data on appointments of women
and other groups to statutory authorities and
non-statutory bodies

Effectiveness and outcomes of Workplace Diversity programs

Internal and External Scrutiny

Significant developments in internal and external scrutiny

Internal audit and fraud control

Reports by the Australian National Audit Office

Inquiries by parliamentary committees

Comments by the Ombudsman

Decisions by courts and administrative tribunals

Freedom of information cases

Service charters

Legislation and regulations impacting on business

Statutory Provisions Relating to Annual Reports

Participative work practices

Industrial democracy plans

Occupational health and safety policies and actions

Freedom of information as per sub-section 8(1)

Advertising and market research amounts paid

Program Performance Reporting

Relationship between program and accrual-based reporting

Discretionary grants

Staffing Overview

Performance pay

Staff training

Consultancy services

Financial Statements

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