Mr Paul Grigson - Biographical details

Deputy Secretary

Mr Grigson commenced as Deputy Secretary in September 2010.

Before taking up his appointment, Mr Grigson served as Australian Ambassador to Thailand (2008-10) and Chief of Staff to the Minister for Foreign Affairs (2007-08).

His previous positions in the Department include First Assistant Secretary, South East Asia Division (2004-07), Chief of Staff to the Minister for Trade (2003), Assistant Secretary, Maritime South-East Asia Branch (2000-03) and Director, Parliamentary Liaison and Freedom of Information Section (1992-93). Mr Grigson was also a Senior Adviser in International Division in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (1997-2000).

Overseas, Mr Grigson has served as Ambassador in Rangoon (2003-04), Chief Negotiator, Peace Monitoring Group in Bougainville (2000) and Deputy Head of Mission in Phnom Penh (1993-95).

Educated at the University of Queensland, the Australian National University and the Securities Institute of Australia, Mr Grigson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Journalism, a Bachelor of Letters and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. Mr Grigson is married with two children.

Paul Grigson