Annex 1 - Schedules of Tariff Commitments

AANZFTA was negotiated on the basis of tariff rates as at 1 January 2005 and these were in the tariff classification format known as HS 2002. The tariff schedules annexed to the Agreement, as signed on 27 February 2009, are set out in this format.

Prior to entry into force of AANZFTA, the Schedules of Tariff Commitments were converted to the updated tariff classification format known as HS 2007 which was then in use by all AANZFTA Parties. This was necessary as the Parties implemented their tariff commitments using HS 2007.

The Tariff Schedules are currently being converted into the HS 2012 tariff classification format which most AANZFTA Parties now use as the basis of their tariff classification systems. The AANZFTA Tariff Schedules in the HS 2012 format for each Party will be put on this website as they become available. For a Party for which a HS 2012 tariff schedule is not yet available, traders can refer to the HS 2007 tariff schedule but will need to confirm with the relevant customs authority whether that Party is now requiring the use of the HS 2012 classification system when goods are imported. For further information, please refer to Making Use of AANZFTA to Export or Import Goods [PDF 549 KB].

Schedules of Tariff Commitments in HS 2012 Format


(see note above – Only some schedules are currently available in HS 2012 format)


New Zealand



Schedules of Tariff Commitments in HS 2007 Format



Brunei Darussalam






New Zealand





Schedules of Tariff Commitments as at 27 February 2009 (HS 2002)

Headnote [PDF 11 KB] | [DOC 41 KB]

Australia [PDF 625 KB] | [XLS 1.64 MB] (multiple spreadsheets)

Brunei Darussalam [PDF 1.09 MB] | [XLS 2.55 MB]

Cambodia [PDF 1.11 MB] | [XLS 3.46 MB]

Indonesia [PDF 1.03 MB] | [XLS 3.13 MB]

Laos [PDF 991 KB] | [XLS 3.76 MB]

Malaysia [XLS 2.36 MB] (multiple spreadsheets)

Myanmar [PDF 1.0 MB] | [XLS 3.0 MB]

New Zealand [PDF 716 KB] | [XLS 2.41 MB]

Philippines [PDF 1.05 MB] | [XLS 2.71 MB]

Singapore [PDF 7 KB] | [DOC 20 KB]

Thailand [PDF 718 KB] | [XLS 1.52 MB]

Vietnam [PDF 1.04 MB] | [XLS 2.73 MB]

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