Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement: Fact sheets



Australia has successfully negotiated a reservation to the services chapter that ensures the Government's capacity to regulate for Australian content so that it remains available to Australian consumers.

This capacity extends to both existing and new forms of media, whether analogue or digital, including free-to-air and subscription television, radio, and other media.

For free-to-air television, provision has been made for regulation in a possible multi-channelled environment and if television channels move to other delivery platforms.

The capacity to regulate beyond existing measures for important formats on subscription television, such as drama, documentaries or children's programming, has been guaranteed.

The Government is also be able to take measures to ensure that Australian content on new media platforms is not unreasonably denied to Australian consumers, should it determine that Australian material is not readily available to them.

Full capacity for subsidy and taxation incentive programs for cultural purposes has also been preserved.