Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement

MAFTA Outcomes at a Glance

The Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement benefits Australian exporters, importers and consumers by opening markets and freeing trade and investment between our two countries. The Agreement builds on the commitments made by both countries in Australia's regional Free Trade Agreement with ASEAN and New Zealand (AANZFTA).

For Australian Goods Exporters

Under the Agreement, Malaysia and Australia have cut tariffs earlier and on a wider range of goods than negotiated under AANZFTA. The Agreement also addresses other barriers to trade and makes administration for traders simpler.

97.6 per cent of Australian goods currently exported to Malaysia became eligible for tariff-free treatment on entry into force of the Agreement, rising to 99 per cent in 2017*.  Australia eliminated all remaining tariffs on goods from Malaysia on entry into force of the Agreement.

Australian industries benefiting from the Agreement include:

For Australian Service Suppliers

Australian investors are guaranteed the right to majority ownership in companies in a wide range of sectors supplying services in Malaysia, including:

Suppliers in other industries such as tourism, research and development and mining-related services are also guaranteed the right to majority ownership.

Helping Australian Businesses

The Agreement allows for:

* Based on goods imported by Malaysia from Australia in 2009–2011.

Tariff commitments apply to goods that meet the Agreement's rules of origin.

16 January 2013.