Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 15 - Government Procurement

Article 1501


The Parties recognise the importance of government procurement to their economies and the importance of covering government procurement in this Agreement at the earliest opportunity.

Article 1502

Establishment of Working Group

  1. A Working Group consisting of government representatives of the Parties having responsibility for government procurement is hereby established.
  2. The Working Group shall meet regularly to discuss all relevant issues.
  3. The Working Group shall report to the FTAJoint Commission within 12 months of the entry into force of this Agreement with recommendations on the scope for commencing bilateral negotiations to bring government procurement under this Agreement and the coverage of such negotiations.

Article 1503

Procurement Principles

In preparation for the outcome of the negotiations mandated by Article 1502, the Parties shall, to the extent possible, promote and apply transparency, value for money, open and effective competition, fair dealing, accountability and due process, and non-discrimination in their government procurement procedures.

Article 1504

Exchange of Information on Government Procurement

The Parties shall, subject to their laws, regulationsand policies, exchange information in respect of their government procurement policies and practices.

Article 1505

Dispute Settlement

Chapter 18 shall not apply to this Chapter unless specifically authorised by the further negotiations mandated by Article 1502.

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