Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement

Chapter 17 - Institutional Provisions

Article 1701

Establishment of the Free Trade Agreement Joint Commission

A Free Trade Agreement Joint Commission (FTA Joint Commission) shall be established to ensure the proper implementation of this Agreement and to review periodically the economic relationship and partnership between the Parties. The FTA Joint Commission may meet at the level of ministers or senior officials, as mutually determinedfrom time to time bythe Parties. Each Party shall be responsible for the composition of its delegation.

Article 1702

Mandate of the Free Trade Agreement Joint Commission

  1. The FTAJoint Commission shall:
    1. review the general functioning of this Agreement;
    2. review and consider specific matters related to the operation and implementation of this Agreement;
    3. consider any proposal to amend thisAgreement;
    4. establish, as required, permanent and ad hoc subsidiary bodies and refer matters to them for advice and consider matters raised by all subsidiary bodies created under this Agreement;
    5. seek advice from non-governmental persons or groups on any matter falling within its responsibilities where this would help the FTAJoint Commission make an informed decision;
    6. explore measures for the further expansion of trade and investment between the Parties and identify appropriate areas of commercial, industrial and technical cooperation between relevant enterprises and organisations of the Parties; and
    7. take such other action as the Parties may mutually determine.
  2. The FTAJoint Commission shall develop procedures governing the extent to which representatives from the private sector may participate in its deliberations.

Article 1703

Meetings of the Free Trade Agreement Joint Commission

  1. The FTA Joint Commission shall meet within one year of the date of entry into force of this Agreement and then each year, or as otherwise mutually determined by the Parties.
  2. The sessions of the FTAJoint Commission shall be held alternately in the territory of each Party.

Article 1704

General Reviews

  1. The Parties shall undertake a general review at ministerial level of the operations of this Agreement within five years of its entry into force and at least every five years thereafter.
  2. The conduct of general reviews shall normally coincide with regular meetings of the FTAJoint Commission.

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