Overview of Australia’s aid program to Bhutan

How we are helping

2014/15 Bilateral Outcome
$3.1 million

2015/16 Bilateral Budget Estimate
$2.1 million

2015/16 Total Australian ODA Estimate
$11.2 million

DFAT will manage an estimated $2.1 million in bilateral funding to Bhutan in 2015-16. Total Australian Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Bhutan in 2015-16 will be an estimated $11.2 million.

Australian ODA to Bhutan will focus on human development, through scholarships.


Australia’s support to Bhutan focuses on developing human resource capacity and strengthening tertiary institutions. Scholarships for study in Australia, particularly in the government sector, are Australia’s focus for development cooperation with Bhutan.

Education assistance in Bhutan

Our results


Results to June 2014

  • Provided 480 Bhutanese with Australia Awards scholarships for tertiary education in Australia since 2007.
  • Contributed to Gross Primary Enrolment Ratio rising to 116 per cent in 2013 (106 per cent in 2007), as well as improved gender parity, through our support to the World Food Programme.
  • Provided 7200 students with two meals a day in 2013–14 through our support to the World Food Programme.
  • Support to Australian Electoral Commission for partnership with Election Commission of Bhutan enabled to train 450 participants including 145 females.
  • Australia’s support for the Royal Institute of Management has resulted in the establishment of masters courses in business administration, public administration and management. Three of these courses have been accredited with the University of Canberra.


Results to June 2014

Supported UNICEF to:

  • reconstruct sanitation facilities in 50 schools
  • reconstruct water supply schemes in 41 schools
  • reconstruct 13 community primary schools
  • provide associated maintenance and sanitation training, as well as emergency disaster preparedness (236 principals and teachers trained)

...in five districts affected by the 2009 earthquake.