Australia Awards in Fiji

Profile: Kolora Cavukali

Kolora Cavukali received an Australian Leadership Awards fellowship in 2010, and is now putting the knowledge and experience she gained in Australia to good use at the Colonial War Memorial hospital in Suva. The hospital averages 300 births per month and multiple deliveries are common place. Midwife Cavukali now has the skills to help deliver these babies safely.

Midwife Cavukali’s fellowship was under a special program for Pacific midwives, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Pacific Midwifery Leaders Fellowship. The program’s aim is to promote women’s health and, in particular, make pregnancies safer in the Pacific through training and work attachments for midwives in Australian hospitals. As well as learning new skills, the nurses and midwives use the fellowships to strengthen their professional networks. Midwife Cavukali has joined a growing pool of Pacific health professionals who are committed to saving lives by providing quality health care throughout the region.

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Last Updated: 7 November 2014