Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards is the largest and longest-running international scholarship program in Indonesia. 300 postgraduate Australia Awards scholarships have been offered to Indonesians for study in Australia in 2017, preceded by pre-departure English language training in Indonesia. Australia Awards are allocated through a highly competitive, merit-based process agreed between Australia and Indonesia. In addition, around 500 Short Term Awards will be offered in 2017 to future Indonesian decision makers and influencers who want to develop new skills and increase their networks through tailored short courses at Australian tertiary institutions.

Not only do Australia Awards Scholarships provide Indonesians with a world class qualification, the overall experience that recipients gain while in Australia is invaluable in fostering people-to-people links and enhancing Australian-Indonesian relations. In addition, leading Australia Award Scholarship recipients from Indonesia (and PNG) may be eligible to receive an Allison Sudradjat Prize, awarded to outstanding scholars and current or emerging leaders, or a Hadi Soesastro Prize, awarded to PhD recipients from Indonesia who are undertaking high level research at an Australian university.

A new and innovative program of On Award Enrichment provides scholarship recipients from Indonesia with a broader and deeper experience in Australia in an effort to foster lasting links with Australian people and organisations. Engagement with alumni (including those that self-funded their study) upon their return to Indonesia continues to be a priority for the program. These efforts aim to foster a stronger alumni network in Indonesia, and a network of advocates for Australia, particularly on the world-class quality of an Australian education.

Australia Awards Fellowships are part of a regional program that aims to develop leadership and build partnerships and links between Australian organisations and partner organisations in developing countries. It complements the longer-term Australia Awards Scholarships, and are for short-term study, research and professional development programs - delivered in Australia, by Australian organisations.  Australia Awards Fellowships are available across a range of fields relevant to Australia's foreign policy and overseas development agenda.

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Last Updated: 7 March 2017