Cross-cutting support in Nepal


Conflict mediation in post-earthquake recovery

$2 million, 2015-2017

Australia is supporting The Asia Foundation to establish community-level dispute resolution mechanisms related to resettlement, land and resource use, unequal allocation of relief and resources and increased vulnerability of marginalised groups, with a strong focus on gender-based violence. 370 mediation centres are being established, with over 2,300 community mediators being trained to handle disputes related to post-earthquake relief and recovery.

The Public Financial Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund

$2.9 million, 2011-2019

Through this World Bank implemented Multi-Donor Trust Fund, Australia is contributing to building stronger financial systems in Nepal. The Trust Fund aims to strengthen performance, transparency and accountability in public financial management, resulting in improved resource management; increased awareness and oversight of government processes; and improved design of public financial management interventions at the country and sector level.

Last Updated: 9 May 2017