Declaration of Intent on a Strategic Dialogue between the Government of Australia and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Government of Australia and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands ("the Participants"),

acknowledging the shared values and strong cultural, people-to-people and historical links between Australia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands,

valuing the extensive trade and investment relations between Australia and the Netherlands,

recognising our close cooperation in international forums, including the United Nations, and on international initiatives and missions,

confirming that our common interests lie in promoting international peace and security, sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity,

declare as follows:

  1. The Participants desire to strengthen and deepen their bilateral cooperation and multilateral partnerships on international political, development and security issues. This will include cooperation in the fields of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation; the fight against transnational crime, including international terrorism, people smuggling and cyber-crime; the promotion of human rights, protection of the environment; international development assistance; and the modernisation of diplomacy. The Participants will continue to enhance their defence dialogue to build on the highly productive defence cooperation established in Afghanistan and further strengthen cooperation between law enforcement authorities.
  2. The Participants desire to strengthen bilateral trade and investment and to create a commercial environment which promotes business confidence and fosters growth. Potential growth sectors include: natural resources; agriculture, infrastructure, financial services, tourism, education, health care, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, clean technology and water. At the multilateral level, the Participants will continue to promote policies which support economic growth, employment opportunities, trade liberalisation, and removal of trade distorting policies. The Participants will also continue their close cooperation and consultation on global economic and trade issues, including those on the G20 agenda.
  3. Recognising the importance of the relationship between Australia and the European Union, the Participants support finalising negotiations for an Australia-EU Framework Agreement which reflects the breadth and constructive nature of the relationship.
  4. To mark the rich shared cultural heritage, the Participants will jointly support the commemoration in 2016 of the landing of Dirk Hartog on the VOC vessel De Eendracht in Western Australia 400 years ago.
  5. To these ends, the Participants will seek opportunities for Foreign Ministers to meet annually in their respective capitals or in the margins of international meetings. Such meetings will be supported by regular consultations between senior officials, with the aim of identifying issues warranting ministerial dialogue, as well as coordinating cooperation on issues of mutual interest. These include consultations on foreign policy and international security; global economic and bilateral and multilateral trade and investment issues; development assistance cooperation, including the role of the private sector; and defence and law enforcement cooperation.
  6. The Participants will review these consultation arrangements in the lead up to 2016, with a view to further developing the breadth of cooperation across the range of shared bilateral and multilateral interests and the institutional arrangements which support this.

Signed in Canberra, on 27 February 2014.

Last Updated: 12 March 2014