Overview of Australia’s aid program to the Palestinian Territories

How we are helping

2014/15 Bilateral Budget Estimate
$34.2 million

2015/16 Bilateral Budget Estimate
$20.5 million

2015/16 Total Australian ODA Estimate
$42.1 million

DFAT will manage an estimated $20.5 million in bilateral funding to the Palestinian Territories in 2015-16. Total Australian Official Development Assistance to the Palestinian Territories in 2015-16 will be an estimated $42.1 million.

The website will be updated to reflect priorities following discussions with our partners. These priorities will be detailed further in new Aid Investment Plans which will be finalised by no later than 30 September 2015.

Further information on current investments in the Palestinian Territories can be found below.

Our results

  • Since 2011 Australia has helped improve water and sanitation facilities in 75 schools, benefiting over 50,000 students. Over 35,000 people have also increased their knowledge of hygiene practices.
  • In 2013-14 Australia enabled an additional 21,784 Palestinian children to attend school in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Syria and Jordan, with girls making up half of all enrolments.
  • Since 2009 Australia has promoted economic growth by working with Australian and local NGOs to raise incomes for over 53,000 people in poor farming communities.
  • Since 2011 Australia has been contributing to the Palestinian Authority’s economic reforms including through measures such as broadening its tax base and transparency of public procurement and delivering efficient services.