Tenth Ministerial Conference – December 2015

The Tenth Ministerial Conference (MC10) was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 15-18 December 2015.  This conference marked the 20th anniversary of the WTO and was the first Ministerial Conference held in Africa.

It culminated in the adoption of the Nairobi Package, a series of six Ministerial Decisions on agriculture, cotton and issues related to least-developed countries (LDCs). This included a historic agreement by WTO members to end all agricultural export subsidy entitlements.  Australia welcomed this outcome as a major win for Australian farmers. 

In addition, 54 WTO members announced the conclusion of a landmark deal to update and expand the coverage of the 1997 Information Technology Agreement (ITA) by eliminating tariffs on 201 technology products.

However there was no consensus on continuing multilateral trade negotiations under the framework of the Doha Round. As such the Round is effectively over. Australia has argued that new approaches are necessary if we are to achieve meaningful outcomes on the outstanding Doha issues.

Australia remains supportive of ensuring the institutional credibility of the WTO is promoted and upheld. Australia will continue to work with other WTO Members to develop a new negotiating agenda for the WTO which includes important outstanding Doha issues – such as agriculture – as well as new issues relevant to the modern global trading environment.

Last Updated: 13 October 2016