Regional Interfaith Dialogue

Australia is a co-sponsor of the Regional Interfaith Dialogue, together with Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand. In addition to the co-sponsoring countries, the eight remaining ASEAN countries also participate in the Dialogue, as well as Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. The Dialogue has been held on six occasions, most recently in Semarang, Indonesia in March 2012. The theme of the Semarang Dialogue was "Strengthening Collaborative Communities to Promote Regional Peace and Security". The Semarang Dialogue followed on from a positive history of regional Dialogues: the Yogyakarta Dialogue on Interfaith Cooperation (December 2004), the Cebu Dialogue on Regional Cooperation for Peace, Development and Human Dignity (March 2006), the Waitangi Dialogue on Building Bridges (May 2007), the Phnom Penh Dialogue on Interfaith Cooperation for Peace and Harmony (April 2008), the Perth Dialogue on Future Faith Leaders: Regional Challenges and Co-operation (October 2009).
The Plan of Action from the sixth Dialogue is available here:

The Declarations from each of the five previous Dialogues are available here:

One of the recommendations from the Perth Declaration included the establishment of an interfaith website and online forum for participants in the Regional Interfaith Dialogue and others in the region interested in interfaith issues. The Regional Interfaith Network was launched in March 2011.

Last Updated: 7 January 2014