Antarctic Treaty Executive Secretary

The Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting invites applications for the position of Executive Secretary of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty.

The Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an organisation set up to support the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (the ATCM). The ATCM, consisting of 29 Consultative Parties, meets annually to consult on the application and implementation of the Antarctic Treaty.  It is funded by the Consultative Parties to the Treaty. 

The Executive Secretary manages a small administrative staff to carry out the duties assigned to the Secretariat by the ATCM. The Executive Secretary is responsible for managing the Secretariat’s budget, supports the organisation of the ATCM, and performs other duties identified by the ATCM.

This position may only be filled by a national of a Consultative Party to the Treaty. An appointment will be made by the Parties in May 2017. The individual chosen for the post of Executive Secretary should be available to commence duties no later than 1 September 2017.

Applicants must address the selection criteria agreed by the ATCM and provide a curriculum vitae. Applicants must be Australian citizens.  These criteria and further information on remuneration and allowances; duties; the application process; staff regulations; and other relevant documents, are at The Australian Government will make the final decision on whether applications are forwarded to the ATCM for consideration.

Closing Date:  31 October 2016

Contact Officer:  Phillip Tracey – 03 6232 3353

Please send completed applications by email to

Last Updated: 18 October 2016