Australia: seeking human rights for all

Australia promotes and protects human rights at home and abroad

Australia's commitment to human rights is enduring: we were an original signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights sixty years ago. We have been a leading proponent of its consistent and comprehensive implementation.

Protection and promotion of the human rights encapsulated in the Declaration is vital to global efforts to achieve lasting peace and security, and freedom and dignity for all.

Australia's commitment to the aims and purposes of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reflects our national values and is an underlying principle of Australia's engagement with the international community.

Promoting human rights

Australia is a principled advocate of human rights for all:

Improving economic, social and cultural rights

Australia is boosting its effort towards improved economic, social and cultural rights:

Strengthening human rights institutions

Australia is an active partner to UN efforts to promote and protect human rights:

Addressing Indigenous disadvantage

Australia is advancing the welfare of Indigenous communities at home and abroad:

Advancing gender equality

Australia is empowering women to achieve substantive equality:

Promoting the dignity and rights of people with disability

Australia contributes strongly to furthering the opportunities of people with disability: